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Your tattoos are an investment.
How you care for them is your commitment to ensuring their best healing.

At Benevolent Studios, we have two aftercare options that we recommend for helping your tattoos through their healing process.

The first aftercare is the use of 3M Tegaderm.

Our second aftercare is Standard Open Air Healing.

For our step by step aftercare recommendations, please scroll down for more information.

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  • 3M Tegaderm Healing Recommendations

  • Things To Be Aware of While Healing With Tegaderm

  • Standard Open Air Healing Recommendations 

Covered Below:

Friendly reminder:

We are not doctors, the instructions we provide are simply recommendations from our own personal experience.



  • For the 1st 24 hours, avoid excessive exercise, sweating or over saturation in the shower. This can cause the Tegaderm to be unable to appropriately adhesive to the skin.

  • Sweat is Tegaderm’s worst enemy.

  • Leave clear adhesive barrier film on tattoo for 5-7 days. Do not exceed 7 days.

  • During the 5-7 day process, you may shower but the main thing is to LEAVE IT ALONE. 

  • If any of the Tegaderm dressing corners begin to roll, do not trim. 

    • When trimmed, it causes the Tegaderm to continue to keep rolling. 

    • Allow the Tegaderm dressing to curl over onto itself, most times stopping the rolling from continuing.

  • Depending on the amount of saturation for the tattoo, the Tegaderm bandage has the possibility to pool up an area and create what we like to call a “sack” or “bubble” in the bandage. 

    • This usually happens within the first 24-48 hours.

    • DO NOT POP.

    • The secreted fluid is a mixture of blood, ink and plasma.

    • The dressing area will stay pooled for 2-3 days on average varying from person to person, then the body will reabsorb a large majority of the pooled fluids, bringing the Tegaderm dressing back down to the skin eliminating the fluid sack.


  • To remove the Tegaderm dressing, we recommend taking a toasty shower and removing the bandage at the end of your shower.

  • Removal can be challenging depending on placement due to Tegaderm’s elasticity. Ask someone for assistance.

  • Keep skin taunt while removing and SLOWLY remove bandage from skin. 

    • Do not grab a corner of the Tegaderm and just pull causing the skin to be tugged and stretched as well. 

  • Set hand to keep skin taunt, peel sector of Tegaderm back, then reset hand to re taunt the skin, peel, and continue to repeat until the Tegaderm is completely removed.

    • If the Tegaderm is putting up a resistance to removal, run some warm water into the bandage through an opening to help the separation process. 

    • If still needing a bit more assistance, you may also try adding some drops of antibacterial soap into the mix to help in separating the Tegaderm from the skin while the warm water cycles through and around the bandage.

  • After removal of the Tegaderm, wash the tattoo 2 times a day at least and lotion multiple times a day as needed until the tattoo is unwaxy and completely healed! 

  • Remember when washing, don’t use anything abrasive or with loops that could

     catch and pull anything healing. 
    • Your hand is perfectly sufficient.

  • Once The tattoo is completely healed, continue lotioning to keep skin hydrated and healthy for best tattoo appearance!




*If at any point during the 5-7 day process the tegaderm happens to lift or open, creating an air pocket, we recommend removing the bandage.

Any continued opening in the bandage could trap bacteria and cause infection,

*If at any point during the 5-7 day process with 3MTegaderm, you notice any large areas of hives or an allergic reaction, remove immediately. 

            It is RARE that it happens, but possible.

  • Personally, we have seen it primarily with our genetically female clientele, finding that it tends to link with hormonal changes due either to changing birth controls or from menopause.

  • It does not mean that if you are genetically male, that you are unable to have such reactions as well.

  • We like to have our clients as aware and informed as possible for any possibilities.

  • Tegaderm should feel comfortable and give relief. No burning discomfort should be experienced. 


*If the 3MTegaderm has rolled up due to movement over a portion of your tattoo, but is still adhesived everywhere else, you may continue wearing the Tegaderm dressing but use our Standard Open Air Healing after care instructions on the parts of the uncovered tattoo.



  • Remove the wrap bandage in an hour or otherwise when home.

    • Do not exceed longer than overnight resting with bandage on.

      • If slept with bandage on, remove after waking up.

  • After removal, wash the tattoo with antimicrobial soap and warm water to remove the excess of fluids and ointment. 

    • Remember when washing, don’t use anything abrasive that could catch and pull anything healing.

    • Your hand is perfectly sufficient.

  • Pat dry gently with clean towel then apply a thin coat of either A&D or Aquaphor ointment to the tattooed area. 

    • Keep the application layer thin. If the ointment layer applied is too thick, the skin can’t breathe. If the skin can’t breathe, the skin can’t heal to the best of its capabilities and it may also cause pore clogging, creating pimple breakouts.

  • Repeat washing & applying A&D or Aquaphor to the tattoo 2-3 times a day or as needed for the first 2-3 days.

  • After 3-4 days, switch to an unscented lotion and continue washing 2-3 times a day until tattoo is unwaxy and completely healed!

  • Once The tattoo is completely healed, continue lotioning to keep skin hydrated and healthy for best tattoo appearance!



The staff at Benevolent Studios are not a source for medical advice.

If feeling overly concerned with how the tattoo is healing,

please seek out a medical professional.

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