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Tattoo Artist

Bio & Portfolio Located Below


Hi there! 
My name is Kristine and I have been tattooing for 2 years now. 
I love creating special pieces for each of my clients and decorating their bodies with art that they are proud to walk this earth with. 
My favorite subject matters to create are mandalas, florals, fineline, script, dotwork, and basically anything with linework. 

I did my first tattoos on myself when I was 15, which I still have and don’t plan to cover up.
My significant other has been alongside my tattooing career from the very beginning; He actually got me my first tattoo machine for my 18th birthday! A lot of my support throughout the years has come from him, and all of my family and loved ones. This including my three pets: My dog, Mimi, and two cats (who are siblings), Monarch and Roly-Poly. They are my pride and joys and I work hard everyday so that I can give them the best life possible while they walk this earth with me. 

I have been drawing and tattooing for my friends and family since my 18th birthday, and I am now 21. I feel like I have personally come a long way in such a short amount of time, and I still continue to strive for growth and never perfection. 

Tattooing is my passion, and I hope to continue to create unique pieces for all of you wonderful human beings for as long as I can in this life.

I wouldn’t be here without every person that has crossed my path, whether in a positive or negative way, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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