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Piercer, Jewelry Sales Provider & Studio Manager

 Bio & Portfolio Located Below


Hello everyone, my name is Nathan Sellards and I’ve been piercing since 2015.

I have been into piercings ever since I went to my first metal show and saw people with stretched lobes. 

I quickly got more and more into body piercing.  

It started with just getting a few piercings I saw at shows and then grew into my obsession with quality jewelry and the different ways and styles of piercings out there. 

I am constantly trying to grow and offer the best and cleanest piercing experience you can be offered at a reasonable price from the best materials.

I love getting to do nostrils, conch piercings, and septums for the challenge they can be. 

On top of getting to do piercings I enjoy getting to help clients find new jewelry that they didn’t know was out there and find that perfect piece to fit your personality or anatomy. 

If you’re in the studio you can easily chat me up about tops like jewelry, tv shows/movies, anime/manga, computer gaming, and music.

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